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English you can finally enjoy speaking

It's easy to forget that to be fully confident in English, you first need to enjoy the language.
That is my goal, to make you enjoy speaking, interacting, reading and listening to English with full confidence!

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English with Sandro in numbers

Numbers aren't everything, especially when learning English.
But they don't hurt either.
Here are some snapshot figures of my last 12 years of teaching.


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Test your English pronunciation skills

Most non-native English speakers want to have a better pronunciation. But they’re not even sure if it’s possible. And if it is, where to start. That’s why I created this quiz.

illustration of a classroom

Confident English<span class="underline"> Pronunciation</span> course

Low confidence in English is often related to poor pronunciation. But the reality is that most people don’t study it, usually because it’s not taught well or at all. That’s why I created this pronunciation course! The foundation for your English confidence.


Training for all

Tailor English lessons with me, Sandro.
A single 1:1 lesson, a package of 10 lessons, a whole course for you team and more...

1:1 English sessions

Upcoming work presentation, job interview or just want to feel more natural speaking English? Let’s tailor individual sessions to reach your goal.

English for businesses

Does your company or team need English for work? Let’s tailor a programme to thrive at customer service, meetings, presentations, pitches, emails and calls.